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Said ADC Sanjida/ It was my husband who hit Harun sir first

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DMP Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Sanjida Afrin-Photo collected

Sanjida Afrin has finally opened up about the incident between the suspended Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADC) Harun Or Rashid, two central leaders of the Chhatra League and Assistant Private Secretary (APS) to the President Azizul Haque Mamun. He said, “It was my husband Harun (Haroon or Rashid) who hit Sir first.”

Sanjida Afrin is the wife of Azizul Haque Mamun. He is an officer of 31st BCS. He is on duty as Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) in Crime Department of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP).

Sanjida Afrin said in the description of the incident that day, “I was suffering from severe chest pain (severe chest pain) for several days. That day the pain was felt a little more. So I needed to see a doctor. As Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital falls under Sir’s (ADC Harun) jurisdiction, I sought Sir’s help to get the doctor’s serial.’

“When I told sir, he told me, ‘Okay, I’m around.’ I will come and talk to the doctor. Then Sir came. After arriving, a doctor managed. Then the doctor gave some tests. I gave the sample for blood test. Echo test and ECG were done.

Sanjeeda also said, I was in the room where ET was performed during this incident. 15-20 minutes after doing the TT I heard a commotion outside. The first sound that comes to the ear is that Sir (ADC Haroon) is shouting – ‘Brother, why did you raise your hand on me? You can’t lay hands on me. At first I thought it might be a problem with someone else. But after some time I saw my husband (Azizul Haque Mamun), I don’t know what he was doing there why he went there. He seemed totally out of his mind and very excited. He had some other boys with him, I don’t really know them. They brought sir (ADC Haroon) to the ETT room to beat him up.”

At that time sir ran towards the corner of the room where I was standing for his own safety. An awkward situation is created when so many people enter the ETT room. Because there are restrictions in the ETT room. I was shouting then.’

ADC Sanjida said, then my husband told the people who were with him, “Make this video”. Then everyone took out their phones and started making videos. When they started the video I was chatting with my husband and the people who were with him. After that, when I tried to grab the mobile phone of those who were doing the video, I got a little pain in my hand as well. Because I didn’t want anyone to video me in that state. And I didn’t even know any of the boys who were with my husband.”

In that situation, my husband raised his hands on me and was trying to get Sir out. At that time, the matter did not seem safe to Sir. Then sir was waiting for some time. Then the security people of the hospital also came. After 10-15 minutes, when the force came, they got out of there,” added Sanjida Afrin.

When asked about the location of these incidents and what time they happened, Sanjida Afrin said, “My appointment with the doctor was around 6:30 in the evening. Then around 7 o’clock Sir (Harun) came, later the doctor also came. Then I entered the doctor’s chamber. The incident took place in the fourth floor cardiology department of Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital.

When asked whether your husband (Azizul Haque Mamun) knew that you were sick, Sanjida said, ‘My husband knew that I was sick. But he didn’t know that I was going to see the doctor that day. Before this, he was supposed to see a doctor several times. But somehow he missed it, or was busy. Since I was having severe chest pains for 6-7 days…however, it’s not always the case that I share it with him. As I was having severe pain, I went to the doctor myself.’

Still, when asked how your husband knew you were in the hospital, he said, ‘I don’t know how my husband knew.’

Sanjida said, “Do you think he is monitoring you behind your back?” But I am not sure.

Regarding allegations of extramarital affairs spread on social media, he said, “He (Harun) is my senior colleague. There is no other matter beyond that. I didn’t talk to my husband after this incident. I am in my office.

ADC Harun was accused of torturing two Chhatra League leaders at Shahbag police station on the night of September 9. The two Chhatra League leaders are Chhatra League Central Organizing Secretary Anwar Hossain Naeem, Scientific Affairs Secretary and Dhaka University Shahidullah Hall General Secretary Sharif Ahmed.

Because of this incident, Chhatra League leaders and workers gathered in front of Shahbag police station at night. Later the university proctor and police officials went to the police station and settled the matter at midnight.

According to several sources of Chhatra League, ADC Harun was hanging out with a woman at Bardem Hospital on the night of September 9. At that time, the woman’s husband went there with two Central Chhatra League leaders and found them both together. ADC Harun had an argument and scuffle with BCL leaders there. ADC Haroon Or Rashid later brought the police force and took the two BCL leaders to Shahbag police station and beat them up.

In this incident, a three-member committee was formed on the instructions of DMP Commissioner Khandkar Golam Farooq on Sunday afternoon. The committee has been asked to complete the investigation within two days and submit a report to the DMP Police Commissioner. Harun was then transferred to Public Order Management (POM). He was transferred to APBN in an order signed by Inspector General of Police (IGP) Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun that afternoon.

However, on Monday (September 11), the transferred ADC Haroon was temporarily suspended and a notification was issued by the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs. According to the order of the President, the senior secretary Md. signed the notification. Mostafizur Rahman.

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